Car set
Car set
Car set

A clean car is usually associated with aesthetics only. What is the significance of a clean car for our health? We often spend a couple of hours a day in the car, not thinking that microorganisms multiplying around us may cause health problems and allergic reactions.

Special fiber structures, from which cleaners are made, absorb all the dirt making it impossible for microorganisms to multiply in the air during cleaning.

We seldom find enough time to clean the inside of our car every day, in order to prevent the growth and spreading of harmful bacteria. Cleaning it with our products makes it possible to maintain healthy environment inside the car longer than when using generally available "cloths" and chemical cleaning supplies. Cleaning the car on the outside won’t damage the paintwork for sure, it will allow to easily access many very dirty places, which cannot be achieved when using the car wash. This is a very practical set – with only a couple of cleaners we can thoroughly wash the dirty car, as well as keep it clean every day.

Realization: Technetium [Tc]
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