Care fabric
Care fabric
Care fabric

Beige fabric works on the same basis as the white fabric, however, it has a lower density of fibers, so it binds a lower amount of water and it can be wrung better. It is used moistened, it is perfect for cleaning the surfaces, which could be damaged by the contact with too much water. With it you can clean all types of furniture sets (with fabric upholstery, leather, artificial leather, etc.). Also all types of furniture, wooden and floating flooring, doors, parquets, cork, marble, music instruments, car interiors, headlights, jewelry, black household items (TV set, radio, mobile phone, computer, keyboard, etc.), live or artificial plants.


The cleaners should be thoroughly moistened and wrung before use, after that remove grease and dirt with circular movements, the residue of water and dirt should be removed with wet or dry Sunbeam. During cleaning, the cleaners should be constantly rinsed with clean water, when there is a lot of dirt you can use the Natural Soap with Nanosilver. Used cleaners should be washed manually with the Natural Soap with Nanosilver or in an automatic washing machine in the temperature up to 60°C with any kind of washing powder without adding a fabric softener. You should avoid drying it in automatic dryers or on heaters.

Realization: Technetium [Tc]
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