Consultant area
Consultant area

The Raypath company offers the product of the highest quality, which no one else has. Thanks to our products we can, to a large extent, give upusing chemical agents when cleaning houses, flats, offices, etc., which significantly contributes to health protection of your family and improvement of the environment.


Many people are interested in our company because it has a great line of products and a structure of a discount plan, which allows to achieve high income in a short period of time, both from own sales and from building a sales group.



The current contest is available at the company’s seat and is sent by e-mail upon consultants’ request. To receive information about the current contest please call or e-mail our office.


Clover system – available only for group leaders.



In order to simplify the financial settlements between the Consultants and the Raypath company and to eliminate errors we provide ready templates for invoice/commission bill. The templates include the new VAT rate



If you issue a VAT invoice to us for the first time please include the VAT-5 document "Confirmation of registering the entity as a VAT payer"


We inform that the invoices for marketing services issued by you to our company can now be sent by e-mail. Files should be sent in a PDF or JPG format – you can use invoicing programs (then the invoice will not include a stamp or the issuer’s signature) or send a scan of the issued invoice. When using the company’s forms the invoice should include your stamp and signature. Commission agreements can also be sent by e-mail. We have a special e-mail address for that:

To enable easier identification please provide your name and consultant’s number in the subject line (e.g. Gudziński 32499).
Invoices received by e-mail will be printed out, so there is no need to send them by mail. Please send invoices by e-mail OR by mail.


Realization: Technetium [Tc]
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