Customers’ opinions
Customers’ opinions

Customers’ opinions concerning new products by the Raypath company:



The water works miracles on pathogenic changes on skin e.g. herpes and all types of wounds. The second time when it amazed me was spraying fungus on the jointing in the bathroom. It turns out that it hasn’t come back to the surface for a month, of course before spraying it with water I cleaned it with the cleaners. Grey soap is also highly regarded by the customers. Best regards :)
Joanna Burkacka


I am very satisfied with using the soap, it washes cleaners very well and it helps in removal of stains, it works greatly on the acne-ridden skin. Best regards,
Justyna Cieślak


I would like to share my observations concerning the water with the silver nano particles.
When I received a small bottle of the water, I took it with a grain of salt and I thought that until I test it on something real I will not advertise it. I think that I approached this subject just like customers sometimes approach our cleaners before seeing them, not believing in their effectiveness.
At first I tested the water on very dirty surfaces and I counted on the easier removal of dirt. The results were very good and I had an impression that the water with nano makes it easier to remove the dirt from the cleaned surface.
After that I tested the water on my face. Some kind of a pimple was starting to emerge in the corner of my mouth. I sprayed it with the water 3 times during one day and the next day it was gone. In general when I feel or see that something is starting to appear on my face I spray it with the water and it disappears after some time. I have to mention that I recently started washing my face with our soap with nano and I see that it has similar antibacterial properties.
I also spray the water on some skin cuts and wounds, they also heal faster.
However, the most extensive tests were conducted by me on the mold- and fungi-covered surfaces. I searched for places at home which due to dampness started to be covered in black mold. The result was strikingly effective. I was very surprised when after a few hours fungi disappeared from the sprayed fragment and even the black color turned into opaque. Only some kind of cobweb remained – it was sufficient to remove it with a care glove or a pink one and there was no trace left.
Due to the fact that I have tested our water with nano I am sure of its effectiveness and I convey this confidence to my customers, so I am even more trustworthy and professionally prepared for work.
So my tests have shown that this water is sensational and now I use it with the highest confidence.
Have a nice day and best regards,
Tomasz Mazur


I have tested the nanosilver soap and I have noticed that it has the following properties:
- removes dandruff,
- eliminates unpleasant smell of sweat,
- heals (smoothes out) cracked skin on heels and between toes.

Whereas the Nano Silver Water:
- soothes symptoms of skin eczema,
- eliminates mold,
- speeds up the healing of wounds (tested on my dog).

Wojciech Czerniejewski


I would like to share my observations concerning the application of the raypath nano water.
I mostly use this product to disinfect the toilet seat, toothbrushes, the handbrush, the shaver, the seal in the refrigerator and generally inside it or in the microwave; I even sprayed the nano water on my leg and tongue and everything was OK. I also used it for the inside of ski boots before and after skiing. For me this water is fantastic and this is a good time to show it off more on the official site of raypath and through the consultants. I personally had some questions asked, when I showed the product at the dentist’s, beauty parlor or hairdresser’s – it would be good to sell or give the nano water for free to those specialists to gain entry and have it recommended to their acquaintances, both professional and private ones. The product presents a great element of nanotechnology in connection with the soap and first of all with the cleaners, which in my opinion have refreshed the company and show some type of timelessness. I also used the nano water to disinfect my child’s bottle, especially the teat’s thread. It is great that the nano water has no smell, it doesn’t sensitize, it doesn’t irritate, it is neutral on the surfaces it is applied onto.
Motała Marek


I have been using the water with silver colloids on the wall in the basement, because it was wet and horrible-looking. Before that I had used the white glove to wash it. The Raypath water stopped the growth of the fungi. I also used the water to rinse my irritated throat, 3 times a day for 3 days. It helped me in healing the inflammation. The soap with nano silver looks like real, traditional grey soap. Congratulations!


One of my customers (a person with broad allergic changes on hands and cracking wounds) uses the NATURAL SOAP with nanosilver for full body care and thinks that the soap doesn’t irritate it, her skin doesn’t crack more and that happens when she is using other products, e.g. hair shampoos, so I advised her to use the soap with nanosilver instead of a shampoo. According to some other customer’s opinion I know that hair is fluffy, soft and shining. Positive changes on hands were noticed even by a neighbor, who said that the changes on the skin have never looked so soothed before.
This lady uses the nano silver water in the kitchen and in the bathroom for disinfection but it is too early to say something more. In general she is very pleased with having and using the Raypath set.
I personally use the soap for washing the FG cleaner and I think that it washes with greater efficiency than a regular soap and it doesn’t make the skin on your hands dry.
Elżbieta Słotwińska


In my opinion the soap is practical and useful not only for cleaning surfaces with the cleaners but also for body care.
As for the nano silver water I haven’t had an opportunity to test it, however, I think that this is a great product and more universal than soap. It will be definitely useful after swimming in the pool or using the public toilet.
Monika Zawitaj


Usage of the Natural Soap with the nanosilver Natural soap containing nanosilver. The solution based on own experience and the customers’ experiences.

- soothes inflammatory conditions and all irritations on the acne skin, speeds up the healing of inflammatory focuses,
- gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, minimizes unpleasant smell of sweat, the soap with nanosilver eliminates bacteria,
- it is an alternative for a shampoo, good results in cases of itching skin and dandruff, after a week of usage the customer said that she didn’t have dandruff anymore,
- can be used for personal hygiene – it doesn’t irritate, has antiseptic qualities,
- soothes irritations and disinfects the skin after shaving,
- speeds up the process of healing wounds,
- skin becomes smoother,
- gives very good and quick results in healing cracked hands – customers had cracks of chemical origin on the hands, resulting from previously used products. After one week of using the soap with nanosilver the skin became smoother and the cracks disappeared,
- good results in the cases of injuries (contusions, inflammation of muscles, inflammation of joints, tendons) after soaking the injured place in hot water with the soap with nanosilver.

- to wash cleaners,
- when cleaning sanitary facilities (bathroom) and kitchen appliances,
- disinfection of the sport shoes, etc. – we clean the inside of the shoes with the white cleaner and the soap with nanosilver – it eliminates bacteria and the unpleasant smell of sweat,
- plant care – we spray pot plants with the soap dissolved in water – it protects them against aphis, spider mites, etc. Useful organisms are not destroyed during the process.
Prepared by Beata Kulik

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