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EVALUATION  OF  virucidal  and  bacteriocidal  efficacy


The EKOLABOS laboratory (Environmental Research Laboratory in Wroclaw) carried out microbiological testing of Raypath International products for their bactericidal and virucidal effectiveness according to three different standards.

The following results show a very good performance of Raypath cleaners in this study area.


I .  AATCC TM100-2019 standard -    product tested:  Sunbeam

   - after a contact time of 24 h at 20 °C it has the following bactericidal activity against:


Staphylococcus aureus   ATCC 6538   -     reduction by 99.57%

Klebsiella pneumoniae   ATCC 4352   -     reduction by 99.45%


I I.  ISO 18184:2019 standard -      product tested:  White glove +  Sunbeam

    - over a period of 24 h at 25 °C it has the following biocidal activity

     against influenza viruses and against coronaviruses at the following values:


 Influenza A virus (H3N2)    ATCC  VR-1679     -     reduction by 76%

Influenza A virus (H1N1)     ATCC  VR-1469     -     reduction by 59%

Human coronavirus 229E    ATCC  VR-740       -     reduction by 97%


I I I.  PN-EN 14476  i  PN-EN 16615 standard -   product tested:  White glove +  Sunbeam

    - in 60 s at 20 °C, diluted in the presence of a loading agent, it shows a biocidal activity against enveloped viruses against:


 Vaccinia virus strain  Elstree  ATCC  VR-1549     -    at a concentration of 80%


Report EN1447

Report ISO18184

Report AATCC

Realization: Technetium [Tc]
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