Nanotechnology according to the European Commission

Nanotechnology is the new scientific approach which is related to the understanding and improving characteristics of matter in the nano scale: one nanometer (one billionth of a meter) is the length of a small particle. In that scale matter shows completely different, often surprising, qualities – as a result the traditional boundaries between scientific and technical disciplines begin to fade. This is why activities in the scope of nanotechnology have a clear interdisciplinary character.

Use of nanotechnology in cleaners

Nanotechnology – it creates structures or elements in the sizes of 1 up to 100 nanometers (nanometer = 1 millionth of millimeter)

Bacteriostatic – inhibiting growth and biokilling of microorganisms

The human organism is constantly attacked by various bacteria, viruses, fungi. All these harmful actions can be successfully compensated with the presence of silver nanoparticles which greatly enhance the shielding effectiveness of the immunological barrier of the human body

Realization: Technetium [Tc]
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