Our company
Our company

We are a company which produces and distributes environment-friendly cleaning products, which do not require the use of chemical agents. The cleaners are made of specially selected fibers or microfibers and you can clean every surface with them regardless of the type of dirt, using only water and excluding detergents. All the commodities have warranty. If the purchase was made by a household, the warranty lasts 18 months and if it was made by a company, it lasts 6 months.

The product line called the New Cleaning Technology is distributed through the network marketing method called the Multi Level Marketing. Thanks to this idea a couple thousand of households and hundreds of companies have benefited from our offer and many people have found an additional source of income transforming it in the course of time into their only source of profit.

The "Raypath" company is a Polish company which has been on the market since 1994. The seat of the company is in Kraków-Rząska at the Nad Potokiem 7A street. The "Raypath" sales offices are located in Slovakia, in the Czech Republic, in Hungary, in the United States of America, in Canada and in Russia. Generally speaking, from year to year "Raypath" gathers more and more people called Consultants.

Everyone, who has a sponsor (a sponsor is a consultant cooperating with the Raypath company), completes the free training, signs an agreement, buys a Start set and, what is most important, has a strong motivation to achieve success in their own business, can become the "Raypath" consultant.

A discount system provides everyone with great possibilities for profit and the achieved success is a measure of the work input. When building a sales group one can always count on the help of the higher-level consultants and coaches teaching during courses.

On behalf of our company I encourage you to use our offer aimed at both future customers and people looking for possibilities of self-fulfillment in their own business.

Realization: Technetium [Tc]
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