Pink fabric
Pink fabric
Pink fabric

Pink fabric is designed to remove dust from all surfaces. When using it, an antistatic charge is created, which pulls dust towards the cleaner and it makes it impossible for it to hang in the air. The antistatic charge is also created on the cleaned surface, which greatly slows down the process of repeated build-up of dust.
This material also has the ability to polish, it can be used for cleaning furniture, plants, electronics, paintings, parquets, flooring carpets made of PVC, car interiors, etc.


The cleaners are used only dry, during cleaning it is enough to beat them and after cleaning beat them thoroughly or vacuum with a vacuum cleaner, from time to time wash if necessary and if dirty. Used cleaners should be washed manually with the Natural Soap with Nanosilver or in an automatic washing machine in the temperature up to 60°C with any kind of washing powder without adding a fabric softener. You should avoid drying it in automatic dryers or on heaters.

Realization: Technetium [Tc]
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