The Sunbeam cleaner has a great absorption ability thanks to its dense fiber structure. It sucks in water and emulsion residue trickling after usage of white and beige fabric and that way it glosses the cleaned surface. It is very easy to polish various surfaces with it – windows, mirrors, lamps, water supply batteries, furniture, ceramics, dishes, furniture accessories, car bodywork, black and white household items or precise optics. You should use dry or slightly moisten "Sunbeam for eyeglasses" to clean eyeglasses, camera lenses, computer monitors, mobile phones screens, telescopes, CDs, etc.

Sunbeam Duo is comprised of two cleaners in different colors, but their color does not have any influence on their functionality, it serves only as a method to distinguish them. One of the cleaners is recommended for use in the kitchen, the second one for cleaning the bathroom and the rest of the household.

Sunbeam XXL due to its great absorption ability and size can be used as a body towel (during travels, in the pool, in the wellness center, etc.), as a hair towel, towel for small children or people with delicate skin. It can also be used in the kitchen as a dishcloth, to polish fixed flooring of all types, to wipe and polish car bodywork or to dry the fur of house animals.


Sunbeam should be used dry or moist (moist absorbs better), wipe with it the water residue on the surface cleaned with the white or pink fabric. You can also polish with it the surfaces which are not visibly dirty (it should be used folded, not crumpled). During cleaning it should be rinsed often in clean water and when there is a lot of dirt you can use the Natural Soap with Nanosilver.

Used cleaners should be washed by hand with the usage of the Natural Soap with Nanosilver or in an automatic washing machine in the temperature up to 60°C with any kind of washing powder without adding a fabric softener. Cleaners should be dried slowly, you should avoid drying them in drying machines or on heaters.

Realization: Technetium [Tc]
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